We provide wholesale services for those industries and businesses interested in new, original and eco-friendly items. Form part of our vision to empower and provide better job opportunities to our designers and artisans. Our wide range of products include jewelry using non-traditional materials such as white coconut rinds, dehydrated fruit and recycled cork; accessories made out of trash bags, reused or recycled fabrics, and a large display of objects designed for your home or your working space.

Yet our products are only part of the Embrace. Behind each product there is a person and a story that we are presenting to you. The hands and faces behind each item is the essence of our store, and the true reason why we promote conscious consumption.

At Embrace, we believe that together we can make the difference. Help us create a sustainable life for communities by joining your business to our movement. Please contact us at info@embraceshop.com and we can provide you with all the products information you need.

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