Meet the artisans

Rosa Montenegro & Luis Preciado – Artisan/Designer

Rosa Montenegro’s thriving business began four years ago, in 2011, when she was unable to continue with her husband’s enterprise due to a back injury. Rosa began to experiment with materials and fruits, setting the grounds to what now is her own business.

Tatiana Rojas – Artisan/Designer

When Tatiana Rojas lost her job in 2014, she sought for ways to continue supporting her children. She began selling handmade jewelry and accessories, with great reception from her clients, friends and family.
Tativa specializes in handmade accessories for women. Her products use a wide range of materials: from leather, stones and high quality metals to soft fabrics. All materials and products are carefully selected and crafted to enhance your natural beauty.

Camila Calvo – Artisan/Designer

Camila is a Costa Rican design artisan that develops all its products for people with a young spirit from people who dare to dream. All of their products are designed to provide comfort, freedom and durability. Each item is made with strong fabrics such as denim, leather and canvas, among other materials. Separately, the materials used also undergo a unique process - either sewing, embroidering, silk-screen printing and others - using Milla textile designs and the imagination of its crafty designers.

Carolina Valencia – Artisan/Designer

Carolina Valencia is a Colombian graphic artist. She has focused her professional career on the topics of culture and identity. Her brand
Bitzú works in two main lines: Costa Rica Precolombina; which draws its inspiration from Chorotega designs and Costa Rica Indígena; based on Bribri legends. Each collection is limited and combines both industrial and artisanal processes in the creation of unique pieces.

Laura Gonzalez – Artisan/Designer

Laura González has been a craftswoman since she was 14. She started developing her craft at the Technical College Cadre Siquirres, Costa Rica. Her designs are based on Costa Rican flora and fauna, and uses her art to channel her love of nature.

Stella Peralta and Marcela Yglesias – Artisan/Designer

Stella and Marcela created a brand that uses plastic bags and cloth to make products for daily use. As a brand committed to preserving the environment, they offer a wide range of products with great attention to detail, design and quality finishes. From purses to wallets and totes, each product is different, innovative, and has aligned itself with the latest fashion trends.

Reusing and recycling materials has been the brand’s main concern. Trash® accessories are made with plastic bags that were meant to go straight to the garbage disposal, and yet didn’t make it. Trash is a brand committed to making the world a cleaner, better place.

Soledad Rivas – Artisan/Designer

Rivas is an argentinian designer who created accesories and utilitary products using only leftover plastic bags. This project was born out of the designer’s concern for the environment and her constant pursuit for original, well-designed products that are responsible with nature. Each product is a work of art that is, at the same time, wearable, resistant, and light.

Green Wave follows the creator’s philosophy of designing products to solve everyday situations and using ordinary materials. “A new object”, says Soledad, “paired with a good concept is always a winning combination”.

Isabel Lopez Machado – Artisan/Designer

Isabel is a Cuban-Venezuelan glass artist who for almost 20 years worked as a creative copywriter in marketing and advertising. Glass always fascinated her since she was a child. Her fascination turned into passion when she was introduced to lampworking in 2001.

Lampwork beadmaking is an ancient process in which each bead is created basically from the inside out, starting out by heating the glass with the torch to a very high temperature. Then each bead is formed, one by one, by layering different colors of glass into the desired shape and design.
Isabel has created a unique line of jewelry for Embrace following the organic nature of the store. She guarantees that you will enjoy her work as much as she adores creating it.

Kimberly Yurica

Kimberly Yurica , from Tilarán, Guanacaste, Costa Rica where it grows and develops his life, moving to city for college and immersed in the world of design and architecture, creating her brand of accessories Yurika® after graduation, designing pieces with natural materials such as cork, and , fusing them with laser-cut acrylic. She always looking for new designs and ways to update and create her accessories.

Luis Alonso Barboza Jiménez – Artisan/Designer

Luis Alonso Barboza Jiménez created Ecological Purses which is a small business dedicated to the creation of high-quality purses made out of recycled paper. Each sheet of paper is laminated with plastic, making it a waterproof and very resistant. By purchasing any Ecological Purse, you are contributing to the conservation of the environment.

Priscilla Alvarado and Alfonso Duran

Priscilla Alvarado and Alfonso Duran are a small family business that elaborates products using only discarded, recycled or reused materials. Using their skills in arts and crafts, the company uses paper, cardboard, old vinyl records, boxes, bottles, objects picked up from the beach and a great assortment of materials and turn them into functional products. By giving new life to old materials, they try to generate more awareness of the importance of recycling and reusing for the environment. At Kurma, they believe their work can contribute positively to reduce the carbon footprint and thus enjoy of a healthier, more balanced environment.

Rebecca Brenes and Esteban Morales

Rebecca Brenes and Esteban Morales founded Cristalica Arte Espiritual three years ago when they began creating unique jewelry using exotic stones. Although they created began selling necklaces as a way of generating an alternate source of income. They wish to establish themselves as full-time artisans and start to create programs to give back to the community.