Green White Clutch Bag (Recycled Plastic Bags)


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These bags are made of recycled plastic bags. Bags of different densities and uses are reutilized into wallets, bags and other accessories. Thus, each product is resistant, light, durable, water-resistant, one-of-a-kind and friendly with the environment.

  • Recycled Plastic Bags
  • Resistant
  • Light
  • Water Resistant

Made of recycled supermarket plastic bags. Handmade. Unique Item.


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Rivas is an argentinian designer who created accesories and utilitary products using only leftover plastic bags. This project was born out of the designer’s concern for the environment and her constant pursuit for original, well-designed products that are responsible with nature. Each product is a work of art that is, at the same time, wearable, resistant, and light.
Green Wave follows the creator’s philosophy of designing products to solve everyday situations and using ordinary materials. “A new object”, says Soledad, “paired with a good concept is always a winning combination”.

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