How can you use supermarket plastic bags. Here is the story

Trash® uses plastic bags and cloth to make products for daily use. As a brand committed to preserve the environment, we offer a wide range of products with great attention to detail, design and quality finishes: from purses to wallets and totes. Each product is different and innovative, and has aligned itself with the latest fashion trends.

Why is reusing plastic important? Over 500,000 million plastic bags are used every year. These bags are made from low density polyethylene, high density polyethylene or non-biodegradable plastic – all of which take seconds to make, yet hundreds of years to degrade. However, less than one percent of the bags is recycled.

Reusing and recycling materials has been the brand’s main concern. Trash® accessories are made with plastic bags that were meant to go straight to the garbage disposal, and yet didn’t make it.  Trash is a brand committed with making the world a cleaner, better place.



Latest update: 25 Oct 2016