Designs with culture: Bitzú from Costa Rica Precolombina

Bitzú is a brand created by artist and designer Carolina Valencia, and originated when researching for Latin American elements, particularly those part of the native Costa Rican culture. The brand focuses on creating t-shirts, jewellry, accessories and all sorts of elements as a means to retake and transmit the countries’ cultural and ecological knowledge.

It’s two mains lines: Costa Rica Precolombina, draws its inspiration from Chorotega designs, and Costa Rica Indígena is based on Bribri legends. Each collection is limited and combines both industrial and artisanal processes in the creation of unique pieces.

She founded Bitzú in 2006, after a lengthy research in indigenous cultures along with Costa Rican designer, Henry Vargas, and brazilian illustrator, Gian Calvi.


Latest update: 25 Oct 2016