About us

Our Vision

We are a people-oriented company that focuses on quality artisanal products and the hands that craft them. At Embrace, we’re dedicated to promoting the work of artisans and new designers to international markets. Our commitment is to improve the lives of local producers by promoting and selling their products, thus ensuring a greater income and a better quality of life.

By presenting the stories of each product as well as a brief biography of the artisan behind it, we support a different kind of business model: we support a conscious consumerism. Each of the products has a story to tell, and it is more than ready to tell it to you. Embrace crafts.  Embrace design.  Embrace stories.  Embrace people.

Our Mission

Our mission is to transform the lives of those around us through sharing and connecting. Our intention is to create a vast network of artisans and consumers, where the stories of one person can create a special bond between the consumer and the artisan.

  • Inspire consumers to buy products that help support people and communities
  • Empower people to create their own products and generate their own income
  • Offer consumers a more complete buying experience, where they can get to know both the artisans and their products

Our Team

  • Vanessa Pacheco


  • Christopher Romero

    Web Developer

  • Pablo Rojas


  • Sofia Gonzalez